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Overall, the area that I live in, Aurora, is not a high crime area. I've never had any trouble with anything. The plice are very responsive and polite.
Colorado is a great place for everyone. I love it. Having the mountains so close creates a culture of outdoor-loving people as well as an overall healthier community. We've seen a lot of growth here over the past few years, people from all over the country moving here to enjoy the Colorado life. Overall the climate is also great. Some cold and/or hot spells here and there, but overall very stable seasons.
It's a quiet suburban area with enough to do. I would prefer to live in a city where more is going on.
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My overall experience of living in the area is great! It's a great community, everyone in the neighborhood is friendly and corporative with helping the kids succeed and be safe.
In Colorado I'm very glad to experience snow that very often will melt within days. We have a lot of sunshine here!
I did comment on this in the last section.
What I love about living in Aurora, Colorado is the many ethnic and family-run restaurants available. My husband's uncle sells middle-eastern food with his wife . In my own neighborhood, I can dine on Thai food, Vietnamese food, and until recently, Indian food all within walking distance. One of my neighbors runs a very successful food truck which sells Vietnamese food. You don't have to drive far to visit the Asian noodle shops along Havana Street, or a Korean barbeque shop near the highway. Of course, we have all the standard chain restaurants too, but it's nice to have a choice!
lots of places to shop
Not too much and no good paying jobs
Traffic very bad at certain times of day, and there seems to always be construction going on.
There are plenty of restaurants and fast food joints to choose from!
We don't have too much crime. However, there have been some break in's and scares over the years.
I love the atmosphere of my town, and the weather, while always crazy, is nice.