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I've lived in Prestonwood since birth and currently attend high school in the area. The public schools in this neighborhood are of very good quality; they're the reason that my parents chose to live in this neighborhood. Beyond that, it strikes me as a standard middle class Texas neighborhood.
The neighborhood is lovely if you are from the area. It is not very welcoming to new comers and I say this as a long time resident of the neighborhood. It is a lovely area however and overall it is a great environment to raise a family in.
Prestonwood has always been a loving and supportive community of neighbors, often brought together by local events at the elementary and middle school, as well as the nearby recreation center. The police who patrol the neighborhood are as nice as they come, and they always do their job well (Prestonwood has a very low crime rate).
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Crime wise there isn't anything in my area, as it is the suburbs, there isn't any hard crime, some petty theft and other minor things here and there, and Drunk drivers, but that's about it. Police are visible as the police station is three streets down, my only concern is the lack of action when it comes to vandalism to private property
Its a pretty good place to live but you have to be weary what side of La Manga you live on, one side is constantly having break ins while the other side is fine, luckily i live on the side without the crime. People are pretty chill, very do what you want I don't care, and while I like it here, it is very suburban, and as a teenager I'd like someplace less Family and more freedom. I see more schools being built, and more expanding for Dallas proper, as Hipster-eque boutiques come in.