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never had anything happen since I have moved in.
I have never had in trouble since I have lived here
There have been a number of robberies in my neighborhood, but my house has never been affected. When we first moved in, someone broke into my dad's car, but that was over 10 years ago. It seems that there isn't much crime at all, but it's still a lowkey issue that is at the back of our minds.
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I love my neighborhood. It's a quiet street where there are kids that play sometimes, you can sit on your front porch and enjoy a quiet day, and exercising around the neighborhood is safe and comfortable. I live in a mid-lower class neighborhood but the quality of homes and businesses in and around our neighborhood reflect a middle class area. Our area is generally clean, except for a few areas. My neighborhood also seems to have some diversity, which is awesome!
We live in an older neighborhood with a lot of variation. Overall the homes look nice and well kept, with a few exceptions farther back in the neighborhood.
We have an amazing inter-city parks system that is absolutely beautiful, and getting to nature is only a short drive out of town. My husband and I are avid motorcyclists and frequently load up our bikes for long rides out of town to go camping & hiking. We may not have mountains, but we make use of our gorgeous rolling hills.
Overall I feel safe and comfortable in my home. The worst we've had in our neighborhood are some kids messing around.
Eh, its the midwest. Cold in the winter, hot and humid in the summer. We're on the Ohio weather valley, so allergies can be pretty rough. Other than that is nothing remarkable.
I honestly can't describe in words how amazing our bar and restaurant scene is here. There is SO much good food for so cheap! And don't get me started on the alcohol. Its not just bourbon here, but it is certainly a specialty. Mixed well drinks will run you no more than $4, and a solid cocktail shouldn't be more than $12. We taste bourbon here like California tastes wine.
I'm in the tech field, and I've found that Louisville is doing a lot to make this an up and coming tech city in the midwest. There are several different meetup groups, and monthly talks. I moved here for my current roll and feel confident that should I choose to move on I would have no issue finding something similar here. There are several big employers here that are constantly hiring, and quite a few small agencies that are on the rise.
We have a local butcher shop within walking distance of our home, and several great restaurants. There are a few farmers markets & groceries a short drive away, as well as a hardware store & flower market.