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The housing in the area are average. The people take care of their properties, the cost of the housing are expensive. There are no abandoned houses in the area
Most of the people that live in this area haved lived here more than me. Everyone in this area know each other and are more like family.
My sense of safety in this area is calmness. There is little crime that happens in this area. With the visibility of police, they are always seen.
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The Overall experience living in this area is wonderful with the historical and adventurous places to go. The general atmosphere is hot, especially in the summer. I had the chance to do it all over again I would certainly live here again. I would rank this area a 8 because of its historical site. What I see in the future for this area is more people exploring this amazing place.
The experience is good. There is a lot of aesthetics around. In certain neighborhoods everyone acts like a family and helps each other when in need.
Most companies never reply back whether or not you are even eligible for an interview. It is hard to find a job mostly for college students. I do not know much about for adults/college graduates.
Weather can get in the low 100's in summer and below freezing in winter and average 15 inches of rain a year. We do not get snow and do not have natural disasters except for small earthquakes that are not usually felt.
This is a good area to live in: good jobs, good weather,low crime rate,good hospitals, all major stores nearby.
We have every variety of food you would want in our area.
Wide range of housing prices in our area from houses to apartments that are good quality.
We have local buses and train, as well as easy access to major airports.
People like living in our area and lookout for each other.
We have quality police and fire departments with good response times.
Have a wide range of cultures represented in our area that are friendly and accepting..
Crime is low and there is a police station in our area.
The down turn in the economy hit our area hard, but we are starting to recover. Stater Bros. Markets is the top employer in the area and is expanding again.
All big name stores are in our area, along with many local shops.
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We are in between San Diego and LA so there are endless possibilities.
Our area offers a wide range of activities from one hour to the mountains to one hour to the beaches.