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the area is a really nice area housing to many Drexel students, and also other surrounding colleges. The are is safe and family friendly. There are safety patrol on the street at night.
Powelton Village is a good neighborhood to start off in if youre new to Philly. Almost impossible to feel unsafe because of how strong the police and university security presence is/how close you are to multiple campuses. Anytime I left my house I would see at least one security guard throughout the night. Lots of food options & you're very close to center city, however I noticed that food is a bit overpriced the closer you are to the universities. I'd say about 70% of the residences here are students, so all surrounding nightlife is basically a frat house. If that doesn't bother you or you plan on contributing to that then great! Otherwise might be a bit annoying to you at times. It certainly was for me!
I mean its the city, there is going to be pollution, but overall its a very clean city.
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Its great, there is a lot of development in the area. Many places are getting fixed up and look really nice.
I come from a small town where there is not much crime. Philly has some but for a big city its really safe. I can walk home drunk and still feel safe.
Sometimes it cloudy, sometimes it rains. Most of the time it's sunny. There are great beaches nearby too!
So many places to eat in this city! Dont really know much about the bar scene since I'm not 21, but can not wait to go bar hopping in the city. Such a fun place!
As a student, I dont have a stable income. I applied for a part time job at a local frozen yogurt place and got hired in a week. There are always places looking for people.
There are so many cool restaurants and stores to go in. You will never be bored in Philadelphia. The small business stores are the best!
I mean it's a city so there is an little bit of everything. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. There are plenty of really great hospitals here including CHOP and Jefferson, but UPENN and Drexel both also have medical facilities. There are a bunch of nonprofits out there that range from providing fitness services, sexual wellness, to fresh and local produce. Sometime people complain that things are not accessible, but that's because they haven't looked very hard.
I think you just need access to your legs and a map. There are definitely a lot more opportunities to experience wildlife/nature/outdoor experiences here in Philly than some other city like NYC.
I would say that living in West Philly isn't nearly as bad as outsiders make it seem. There is a constant police presence, and especially in UCity there are public safety communication emergency poles everywhere! I feel pretty safe.
By and large Philadelphia and the surrounding area's weather is really nice. In the summer it can get pretty damn hot if you're in the city, but that's what water ice is for! As far as the winter goes, snow can get pretty deep, but there is nothing funner than sledding down the Art Museum's steps!!!!
Philadelphia has both a very unique food and unique nightlife scene. There is a plethora of choices to be made, and there are quite a few gems out there, especially off the beaten path. There are tons of clubs if that's your thing as well as bars that cater to specific tastes.
Well living in an urban area definitely does have its perks. Philadelphia is a sprawling city and there are alway good paying jobs available if you are willing to dig a little.
I live in the University City district of Philadelphia and one of the running jokes here is that the students live in a bubble. There is nothing that you need that is more than a mile away (Trader Joes, Fresh Grocer, Cinemark movie theater, Barnes and Nobles, avariety of different ethnic foods, both francise and singularly owned). If you are feeling a little more adventurous there is always easy access to public transportation and Center City and the Museum District is only 2-3 miles away at max. Personally I am more adventurous but all and all going to either UPenn, Drexel, or USciences is a really smart and convenient move in this respect.
I love the variety of food trucks available. From my everyday breakfast truck where I get delicious hash brown, bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches to Halal chicken over rice food trucks. The options are great and affordable. The local pizza shops are all great!
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The local restaurants and especially the food truck industry around the neighborhood is great ! For the food trucks, I do wish credit cards were taken because they only accept cash. Besides that, all of the local businesses are friendly and accommodating, especially for a city college area.
There's a variety of restaurants and they're all good.
In the college area of the city crime isn't too bad, but outside of the college city it has a completely higher crime rate.