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Neighborhood is not very safe although areas exist that are more quiet. Traffic uis usually light, only busy on main roads during rush hour. Schools are not rated well
It is a quaint little community of well established home with grocery stores, restaurants, and gas station close by. There are many options for transportation for those without a vehicle, such as bike lanes for bicyclists and a bus line. Depending on where you live in the neighborhood, many of the stores and restaurants are within walking distance.
Most neighborhoods east of 82nd are deemed high crime, but that's not the case. If anything, they are relatively low income to the rest of the city. I have experienced no crime, though people drive much worse in this area. In general, it's a beautiful area that is somewhat neglected by the city of Portland. With a little city investment, it could be a gem in this city!
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Not the best roads or houses, but it'll do.
The Police in Portland are all over the City but can't do much in the case of homeless and drug usage. I have a few friends in the Portland Police Bureau and they feel like they have lost their authority in the cases of crime prevention. Portland does have a drug and vandalism problem. Politics sure has a play in the increase of crime and lack of support to Police Officers in the city.
It is okay generally. There are still many things that we don't know.
In my opinion, the living atmosphere in Portland overall is great! The environment, the people, the life style...etc are pretty loving and feel like home.
Havent seen to many incidents occur here
I live in the central part of many popular places
poor availablilty many are rundown and overpriced
neighborhood has turned over and infill housing has made it ugly. most new residents are asian and they are racist against the rest of us.
Homeless everywhere, there are active prostitutes turning tricks in our landscaping. Human excrement is in every neighborhood, except those where there is no bus service. Mexican drug gangs and the classic street gangs from CA are here and threatening at times. Public Transportation can be sketchy, too.
Too many have watched Portlandia and the Oregon Field Guide and are moving here in droves, so Cost of Living and Rent and Housing prices are going through the roof. What you dont know is that the governments are seriously cheap so support and infrastructure are lacking. The new comers are mostly cyber-jockeys and will never build any business that will provide family wage jobs, so they use up resources and drive up prices and complain about the rednecks-DUH its a mostly rural state and there are hunters and fishermen here. Many with attitudes going back to the fifties; it is not the hot bed of PC and progressive ideas. We have had toxic hazards from long time industry and lead from old pipes that the city doesnt care about. There are many neighborhoods in the city limits with unpaved roads and no sidewalks, As a homeowner if there is an accident its on you. Mold abounds, black mold. Everyone eventually gets sinus infections or severe allergies because it rains constantly. Roofers are always busy here. Gas and food are higher in this state than in either neighboring state. Too many laws and business persons who made sure progress didnt come to Oregon has made consumer prices higher-even for the food grown in the area. Your job WILL pay you about 25% less than other job markets. It is not a good place to live anymore unless you are over 70k per year. We pay state income tax. The state university system sucks and we are ranked 47th overall. Think twice.
There are crimes commited sometimes and the road maintenance isn't great.
People come together despite their differences
It's easy to get to where you need to go
It has its problems but I wouldn't live elsewhere
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Walking trails and fitness facilities are close by
Hiking is easy access. Creeks and rivers are close
We live in a low income area. Most jobs our friends, family and neighbors hold that are worthwhile require traveling by car for a 20-40 minute commute. Local jobs that are in abundance are mostly retail and food handling positions that pay close to minimum wage. There are a good number of health care jobs in the area that pay resonably well. Tradesmen jobs are less available and less steady than prior to 2008.