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Recently moved here and love the neighborhood. It's a pretty low-key neighborhood with everything still accessible. A wholefoods recently opened up, which is a big plus and there is easy access to the high way for those who commute.
Great views of the city. This is your place if you enjoy resting in a low key neighborhood of San Francisco, but having easy access to get to the city or highways to get out of town.
this area is one of the only parts of san francisco that stays sunny!
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I love it here for the most part, but I think I'd love any city that was close to the ocean and fairly liberal.
I love Aperto's pancakes and Papito's carnitas enchiladas. Bloom's Saloon is a good dive bar.
already is and is getting more upscale and trendy, which is good and bad, depending on who is trying to live in the area - I can get everything I need within walking distance and the restaurants are particularly good in this area
There are alot of clubs and good restaurants in close proximity to my neighborhood.
There are a lot of employment opportunities in the city, not necessarily my neighborhood.
My neighborhood is more housing than retail, so it is difficult to find everything you need. There are good restaurants, and a couple nice bars but it is fairly limited.There are more big companies in my area than mom and pop shops which is disappointing.
The public service in my area is abysmal. I live in an under privileged area and the city is only interested in kicking us out not helping us better the community.
Its not as bad as other areas
I think it is bad for people who only have a high school degree.
I am currently in a mixed neighborhood. The businesses are ok
Around this time, droughts are common
haven't heard of any since I've been here
Very quiet, pet friendly area with amazing views from the hills
A lot of companies hire yearly
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Nature is beautiful, not much litter and parks/gardens are beautiful
People are very friendly and accepting of others personal views
Public services are great and very convienant