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I have lived in North Portland my whole life and enjoy the diversity and inclusion that this area offers.
they are okay. i live in a low income area so things can be iffy. people are both friendly and touchy, you have to know them to socialize with them, but if you know them, you are automatically family.
if Portland knows one thing it is food and drink. i think we are one of the highest rated for breweries and the food is awesome. restaurants are huge here and food carts are everywhere. the food is so good and because we are a bit of a hipster city, its all organic and local and vegan/vegetarian.
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so in my area the traffics troublesome, people speed, but mostly obey stop signs. the buses are late and the wait areas bite. no place t sit, no shelters and bus stop ids are hard to find. if you are a bicyclist your are almost in heaven. this city is half cyclists now. routes are being set up for them. parking, good luck, especially downtown. and rush hour is a dead stop between major areas of the city.
Its okay. the public transportation needs a lot of work, emergency response times are good.