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The downside to living here is the trash. My neighbors do not pick up after their dogs and throw their trash on the floor. I would like to see more trash cans on the streets and free plastic bag dispensers set up around the neighborhood so pet owners can clean up after their dogs.
Great boba all around and nice people. The library in the portola is great! Also, very accesible to the 54 and 9 bus route. Great food places and very safe.
It's a neighborhood full of working class families. Quiet during the afternoons. Street parking is difficult in the evenings.
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I lived in this area for most of my life attending two schools: elementary and middle school. The only great thing about this place is probably the variety of food. Not the safest neighborhood but I had a lot of good memories with friends in this area. I barely pass through this area since my school is across the city. I wouldn't hang around at night, but there are a lot of Muni buses that passes by. Unfortunately not even the Muni drivers makes me feel any safer.
San Francisco has been a wonderful place to live, but walks the line in affordability. Born and raised in Missouri (Saint Louis area), California gas prices have thwarted me from driving my car as often as I have been accustomed to. However, the public transportation system in California and, more specifically, San Francisco area is immaculate. Overall I would say it's a great place to live.
Nothing to write home to mom about.
drug use by dealers very unsafe
There is not enough police presence in this area so there is alot of crime and drug use.
The weather is foggy a lot but otherwise nice.
I wish there were more nightime activities in this area.
mom and pop businesses do not hire outsiders.
All mom and pop businesses except for Walgreens.
There is a very wide variety of local stores with great prices. I have no preference between local stores and large retailers. Both serve their purpose well in this community.
Some areas are far worse than others.
Some times of the year it is easier to find a job than others. So you have to be looking at the right time.
San Francisco and my immediate area is stuffed with Mom and Pop stores that sell a wide variety of things.
No complaint about the weather, when it rains we stay inside, when it's sunny we stay inside.

If we are going some where: When it rains we go, when it's sunny we go.
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All of the houses are occupied, they are not big and nice, but they are livable so there is no complaint.
There are a lot of different races most of our neighbors are Chinese, Mexican, and Pacific Islander.
There are none in this neighborhood. There are small parks, but there are a few play ground and picnic areas, but they are all dirty and don't get used.