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portland I up and coming. there are people who are putting money in to houses and buildings in the area. it has a garbage problem and a drug problem but if people keep working to beautify it I believe it become a great neighborhood
I am a single mother of three children and because of some financial hardships, we moved to a more affordable place. We were blessed by a former landlord and a property available with which he was willing to waive the deposit, because we would be homeless otherwise. So,we packed up and moved to the Portland, with a fair warning that it wasn't for us. As we moved in, people were helpful and friendly to us, we were really impressed by the immense character. But, the bad was visible with the trash and neglect everywhere.We are very heartbroken and scared by the circumstances. Soon after we got here we realized we were in the middle of so much danger and chaos. I am embarrassed and ashamed to have to say this about a part of my beloved city,but also because I had no other option but to expose my children to the fear and detriment in this neighborhood. The gunshots and drugs around us being great fear and worry to us every day. I would not recommend this neighborhood to anyone else.
While Portland is viewed by outsides as a ghetto my experience has been different. Crime does occur, but mere location does not insulate one from the effects of criminal activity. I have never experienced a traumatic experience in my five years of living in Portland. I moved to Portland from an upscale neighborhood and find the same sense of community in my new neighborhood as I did in my more economically prosperous subdivision.
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It's ok, but I wouldn't stay here or move here again if I had a choice. That's because I was born and raised down here and I just need a change of scenery, and a more positive scene.
Jobs are fairly easy to come across for those who look and want to proceed their career goals.