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Amazing! Beautiful new area and homes, top rated schools, new shopping centers and hotels! It’s the newest and one of the nicest parts of the Valley! It’s truly clean and beautiful!! Everything is new, and modern, and extremely private areas. The views are insane! You can’t find views like this anywhere except Hollywood Hills! It’s expensive but worth every dollar!
Quite and calm, family oriented. Very well taken care of, clean expect the radiation tower they have up top also the garbage field
Porter Ranch is in a very clean and safe environment. There are so many places to go to in the area.
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Super exclusive, very expensive homes but they are new and beautiful. The area is new and gorgeous. There is nothing in the valley as private, new and clean. There is a new luxury shopping center being built and it’s just a exclusive part of the valley that accommodates wealthy people who want new incredible homes that are ultra modern and very private gated areas. It’s one of the preferred places to live in the valley. The air is clean, there are hills to walk. It’s the nices place to live ever! So happy here. Left Calabasas to live here because it’s new and more private. The homes are nicer, and new!
Wealthy area of the valley that’s very private and exclusive. It’s one of the newest, more modern parts of the valley where it’s full of wealthy people that are private people. They are building mega mansions around the area and the prices are just as expensive as other known places. It’s safe, with great hikes and trails. People here mind their buy, it’s very low key, many celebrities live here but they are extremely private and live here to the quiet, privacy. The houses are new and gorgeous, it’s very clean. The new shopping center is extremely upscale with green technology. This area is a private gem that’s filled with professional and private people that enjoy the mountains and quiet.
Porter Ranch is a family-friendly, safe, clean community. The air quality is improving from the recent gas leak. There is a beautiful canyon that many families enjoy hiking in on the weekends. People are friendly and happy to live here. I enjoy living in Porter Ranch, as I am close to restaurants/grocery stores, am able to enjoy the greenery in my own backyard, and feel very comfortable and safe.
It’s newer and more modern as well as clean, versus Calabasas or hidden hills which is older and horse properties. Porter Ranch is beautiful and being built up with new high end stores. It’s more private and quiet with out all the nonsense of the Calabasas mess. That area is only popular because the Kardashian’s but in reality it’s old, and far at the end of the valley with no new homes, limited Resturant’s. You have to drive to the village for everything and it’s just not a nice as they make it seem on the show. Porter Ranch has new money and younger families with money. The porter ranch area is very desirable and a classy place to live. It’s very upscale and people in Porter Ranch are much more conservative, and like preserving the sanctuary of this area. There are many celebrities in the area but they keep to themselves and want privacy that’s why they chose this area. It’s an amazing place, the nicest in the valley.
It's beautiful, clean, it's expensive but everything is new and it's a gorgeous area, close to everything. It's one of the cleanest areas in the valley, and it's developing fast. Hidden Hills and Calabasas are older areas, they are nice but they don't offer the newness of Porter Ranch. Porter Ranch is more modern and clean, with new homes, and clean brand new areas. The schools are amazing, and it's more private than most areas of the valley. I find it more exclusive and definitely a place to live that offers privacy and beauty without being far out like Calabasas and Hidden Hills.
Porter Ranch was a very safe and friendly community. There was a low range of employment opportunities, but the area is beautiful and very friendly
The neighbors are very friendly and the environment is nice. I live on a main street so if that is something you don't like then there are plenty more houses in Porter Ranch. Everything is around where I live. Gas stations, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and more!
I love the comfort and safety of Porter Ranch. Apart from the gas leak last year, my experience there has been fantastic. However I do wish there was more to do, which will hopefully be taken care of with the opening of the new Grove-like outdoor mall in a few years!
Safe neighborhood. Most of my neighbors are very friendly. I can go out for a run without feeling as if I am about to be mugged. Schools around are great and parents are very supportive.
I have been living in Porter Ranch for a little over a year, and i must say i have truly been enjoying all the perks on this city. We had purchased out house at a very reasonable price especially for the size and area. The people are very nice and respectful, and we have a wide range of shopping centers and restaurants which makes it very easy when we have guests over.
I have lived in this area for 20 years. Its a wonderful place to call home. quiet and quaint. It has one of the strongest school districts in the state. Granada Hills Charter High has ranked #1 on the top high schools for LAUSD and Northridge, Porter Ranch falls into it's district. Plenty of small businesses thrive in this city, and many family friendly features.
Porter Ranch is a great neighborhood to live in for entry to quality public schools. The neighborhood is family friendly and is primarily made up of older white and asian families. Very quiet and safe. Recently, my health was a concern due to the methane gas leak and is currently a worry as they have not shut down the SoCal gas company.
Porter Ranch is relatively new neighborhood that has a excellent elementary and middle school. it is a residential neighborhood