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Porter Ranch is a very quiet, and rich neighborhood in the county of Los Angeles. People refer to this town as being part of the San Fernando Valley which has a specific reputation for their parties, as well as the heat (can go up to 110 F). Some good characteristics to this neighborhood include: schools in this area are very prestigious, it is a safe suburban neighborhood (not many security issues compared to others), and there is a sufficient amount of stores. However if you're looking for: city nightlife and affordability then this probably isn't the area for you. Overall, I've spent the majority of my childhood and teen years here and I have no regrets; only wished for more nightlife, but that is based upon preference.
Porter Ranch is a mountainous region with beautiful scenery. The local scenery is well tended to and there is little to no littering. The neighborhood offers a big park at the top of the mountain as well as several hiking trails. The streets are typically quiet and well lit allowing for safe, long night walks. Towards the bottom of the mountain, there are two shopping centers which house a variety of stores to take care of everyday needs. The only issue at times is the wind which can blow trash cans away sometimes causing a mess.
look up Santa Susana Nuclear Disaster, and also look up benzene leaked from Aliso Canyon gas leak , if radiation and leukemia don't scare you, then ....don't live in PR
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I've lived and grown up in Porter Ranch for the past 9 years and it's alright. There isn't much to do if you can't drive so kids growing up will be bored. I have to take into consideration that this is a suburb, and a nice one in fact. Lots of places to hike and around a 30 minute drive from LA. The schools are great and it's pretty diverse.
Love it here!! Great public school, Castlebay, very nice families and quiet. Shopping is convenient.
People are generally very friendly around here. There's nothing really dangerous but the weather conditions such as the winds. There's people of many different ethnicities, people are cultured and live in a very proper manner, etc. The only big issue around here are living costs since housing is expensive as this area is a more affluent one.
I live right next to the gas leak and the fire. Not only this, but there are a bunch of homes being built in what was a secluded area before.
Wild fires, winds, dry air, SoCal gas storage tanks, close proximity to Santa Susanna field laboratory, need I say more. Happy to leave and never move back.
I love this area. Quiet, peaceful, new, upcoming, and very residential area gives you the feel of living in the suburbs within the city. I have been in Porter Ranch for 3 years now, and a neighboring city 3 years before this. I have no plans to ever move out of the area. Very safe, great place for individuals or families.
Porter Ranch is a very nice, family-friendly community. What I love most about Porter Ranch is its shopping centers that allow easy access to many different restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc. One thing I would like to see change is the commute time because it takes a while to get to other places outside of Porter Ranch.
Great area. Great houses and neighborhoods. Great shops and grocery stores. Brand new entertainment area.
Between the gas leak and the freeway being so close I do not think that being on a hill matters. But there still is a lot of nature around and the neighborhood is pretty quiet which is nice.
Moved to Porter Ranch 17 years ago and love it! My kids attended Castlebay and PRCS and both schools are excellent and different from other LAUSD schools... its higher achieving with a wider cultural diversity. I love the hiking trails nearby. There are gated and non-gated communities. It does get windy at times but its NOT windy all the time and its seasonal. I love that the 118 freeway is right here & can take me to the 405, 5, 210, 23, and 101 freeways pretty quickly as theres not much traffic on 118 as other LA freeways. Theres a few good private schools nearby like Sierra Canyon and Chaminade. Overall I love living here and I feel away from the crowds and craziness of busy Los Angeles! It is getting more and more busy and crowded in LA overall and Rinaldi Street (main street in PR) gets backed up during traffic hour but thats part of living in LA.
It is an upscale community that is well maintained. Everyone is friendly with relatively little crime. There is nothing that I'd like to see changed.
I love Porter Ranch! I moved here when I was 9 years old and have lived here ever since. I love that it is not packed like other cities and is very calm with no crime or gang violence. It is very clean, the people are nice and even though it is a suburb it is really fun and there's always something to do. There's a lot of cool spots, views, and good places to eat. The houses are very nice and is like a little community. Even if I was to get rich I would never move out of here, it is very family oriented and I feel comfortable. This is my city.
Amazing! Beautiful new area and homes, top rated schools, new shopping centers and hotels! It’s the newest and one of the nicest parts of the Valley! It’s truly clean and beautiful!! Everything is new, and modern, and extremely private areas. The views are insane! You can’t find views like this anywhere except Hollywood Hills! It’s expensive but worth every dollar!
Quite and calm, family oriented. Very well taken care of, clean expect the radiation tower they have up top also the garbage field
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Porter Ranch is in a very clean and safe environment. There are so many places to go to in the area.
Super exclusive, very expensive homes but they are new and beautiful. The area is new and gorgeous. There is nothing in the valley as private, new and clean. There is a new luxury shopping center being built and it’s just a exclusive part of the valley that accommodates wealthy people who want new incredible homes that are ultra modern and very private gated areas. It’s one of the preferred places to live in the valley. The air is clean, there are hills to walk. It’s the nices place to live ever! So happy here. Left Calabasas to live here because it’s new and more private. The homes are nicer, and new!
Wealthy area of the valley that’s very private and exclusive. It’s one of the newest, more modern parts of the valley where it’s full of wealthy people that are private people. They are building mega mansions around the area and the prices are just as expensive as other known places. It’s safe, with great hikes and trails. People here mind their buy, it’s very low key, many celebrities live here but they are extremely private and live here to the quiet, privacy. The houses are new and gorgeous, it’s very clean. The new shopping center is extremely upscale with green technology. This area is a private gem that’s filled with professional and private people that enjoy the mountains and quiet.
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