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I have lived in Portage Park my entire life and I have never felt truly unsafe. This is one of the most important aspects of a satisfying living environment. There is great diversity in my neighborhood as well for the far north side of Chicago, however, this causes a decreased level of community because people are still separated. The diversity will prompt change and integration over time though. People in my neighborhood would not come off as objectively friendly so this is among the very few things that I would want to be improved.
Very quiet safe neighborhood. Community stays together and communicates within one another. Everything is local, no need to travel far in order for assistance. Friendly people and very welcoming. Would recommend for people to live and visit portage park. Animal friendly area. Diverse area and diverse stores in portage park area. Portage park is a good place to live in.
Portage Park is a neighbor friendly are were everyone looks out for each other. Family events and community park that offer plenty of program for kids and adults. Personally not fan of the public schools around the area due to not enough resources for students to progress.
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Portage park has various positive qualities to offer any resident that lives in the community. Whether you enjoy a very beautiful community around spring and summer time. As well as, a very safe and friendly atmosphere to raise a family in. Its almost like violence does not exist around the neighborhood. I would absolutely say that its the ideal place to be if your a child, teen, or homeowner. Although, when it comes to changing anything in the community. I can honestly say there is not much that needs to be changed.
The neighborhood is very nice. There is a gym in the area, as well as many food options. It's a pleasure walking my dog at the park and watching everyone have fun at the park.
Diverse population. Lots of schools, parks, libraries. Great food of all cultures. Has access to CTA transportations and does not have too much traffic.
Portage Park is a quiet and relatively safe community, and the community's namesake park hosts a variety of events like farmer's markets and summer programs. The block parties have died down as the residents have gotten older. There are still many small cafes, restaurants, parks, and bars for socializing, and if you are looking for a home church, there are a variety of those too.
After living in Portage Park for about 2 years now, it has been great. The neighborhood is super friendly. Commuting is easy and convienient because its so close to the Jefferson Park Blue line stop.
Environment is great, area is safe, lots of new food venues and tons of entertainment. Traffic is bad with Irving Park, Cicero, and Milwaukee coming to a crawl or stopping in general which then causes a lot of traffic on side streets.
Nice area to live, close to trains, highways, and bus stations. Rent can be expensive but somewhat manageable depending on your budget. Close to many small businesses at Six Corners.
A great, Polish-Hispanic, Chicago neighborhood. Wouldn't want to have been raised or live in a different neighborhood. Close to downtown, close to the suburbs; It's a perfect spot to reside in.
Portage Park is a quiet residential neighborhood on Chicago's northwest side that has nice parks, and is up and coming with restaurants and grocery stores.
Living right by the park was the best experience. No matter what time I decided to take a walk I always felt safe. There were also many different restaurants to choose from. If you are an athlete, there were also a variety of gyms to choose from.
Mainly older population. Few hanging out places around here besides the park and some small restaurants.
I have lived in Portage Park my entire life. Originally it was mostly polish and latino. Over the years it has become more diverse. There have been a lot of new developments and businesses are constantly being brought into the neighborhood. Due to it's accessibility (we have a night owl bus on Irving Park Rd) traffic into the neighborhood has increased. It really is a great place to live and I'm excited to see that it's getting the recognition it deserves, although I am saddened that with the recent additions the rent is starting to become less affordable for long term residents.
My family and I came to live in Portage park , Chicago from Poland about 15 years ago. It is such a wonderful area to live in. Nice neighbors, lots of neighborhood restaurants, beautiful houses, very safe neighborhoods to raise family. Also we live a walking distance to a park which is great to exercise or just take a walk to relax. I love Portage Park it is my home.
We now have world a class live theater (Filament Theatre), a historic theater, art (National Veterans Art Museum, Art Side Out Art Studio) and dance (The Chicago Ballet Center) all in the same building. We have incredible restaurants and Josi's FroYo for wonderfully delightful frozen yogurt treats! City News Cafe offers the finest baristas in the city with live music and 6,000 magazines and books! Oh yes they also exhibit art as well. (I have a photography exhibition starting this June 2017). New businesses include Culvers, Elli's Pancake House, Retro-Fitness, Binny's, Aldi's, Thunderbolt Chicago axe throwing and more. Lots of new and rehabbed housing through-out the area. During the past couple of years we are seeing many folks who owned apts in Wicker Park, Logan Square, etc...move here for more affordable housing and the same or better atmosphere from their previous home areas.... Yep, come to Portage Park. More info here:
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I was eager to move into Portage Park from Logan Square once I had my son but that quickly changed once I moved into my building. There are several apartment buildings with people who start a lot of problems. A police camera across the street from the playground making it hard to enjoy nice weather with our family. I wish they would change the building types and screen people better because there are people drug dealing in cars while children play in the playground. It is unfortunate to see and be around and we cannot wait to move out of the area.
Postage Park is an amazing neighborhood where you can find different activities. It's quiet and safe. The people are friendly and kind. Definitely is an awesome place to live forever!
We moved from Andersonville to Portage Park in 2015, and couldn't be happier! It has all of the conveniences of the city, but is quieter. For people sick of condo living, and looking for a single-family home in the city, I couldn't more highly recommend it!