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It is Manhattan, so of course there is always crime and homeless people. But the area itself is pretty safe because Park Ave itself is a residential street, and most of the buildings have doormen. Security has never really been a concern for me here
I live on 33rd St. and Park Avenue, so it is very convenient and pretty safe. Sometimes there are a lot of tourists and business people, but I prefer that to living in a quiet area. There are so many different restaurants and there is basically a convenience store on every corner. I am a 10 minute walk to Macy's and to Grand Central Station. The 6 subway stop is right outside my door, and it is a short walk to Herald Square to catch the BDFM or the NQR. So basically, this area is great!
its not bad but friends have been arrested.
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my area and friends think of each other as family.
I always feel safe in this neighborhood even at night. Police officers are always pretty visible during the day but do not necessarily make me feel safer.
I love living in New York City, I wouldn't change it at all, however I would like to live in a different area of the city, Murray hill has become increasingly "fratty" and I would like a neighborhood that is a bit more unique and with more locally owned businesses and less big box stores and chains
Police cars are quick to stop cars driven by hispanics just because they assume that the person driving is undocumented. This is unfair and when you try to defend your case, a lot of police officers lie about the facts. NYPD in this area could definitely improve.
I like this area but the crimes around it keep getting worse and it's hard to feel completely safe at night.
some people like to exercise
People have moved away and the quality has gone down.
The weather isn't always going to be perfect.
If you only like Italian and Asian, than there are plenty of restaurants. There are franchises in more populated areas mainly the mall.
Employment in the area is mostly based off of jobs in the food industry, and retail. Most businesses require applications online which is a big disadvantage for people looking for their first job experience.
We have some of the worse potholes , the snow can damage our streets you will need great tires for your car.
This is a large community so there are many places to go shopping and different businesses.
A lot of different diversity and different people around.
There are many abandoned properties and these are places they should fix up and use to help the homeless.
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Depending on the person some work out some don't.
The beaches are horrible , they are dirty and nasty. The parks however are amazing , they are clean , eco-friendly established and very nice with beautiful scenery s.
I am ready to leave I wouldn't raise kids here unless they came from a different place with higher crime rates