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the houses in the area is okay, some bad some okay.
Lives in washington, there is not much disasters, but the rain is often and can't be predictable.
We have gym in our apartment, so we can always work out at home
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the neighbor here is okay, but not friendly sometimes.
Always cops around to catch some bad guys in this area. It is quite often to see somebody get pull over.
there is not much diversity in the area. There are some colleges around brings some international students.
I think there is a lot of business in this area. They provide some good service.
I heard there is some event, but don't know exactly what it is.
i think there is some places we can reach in this area.
I think it is not very bad. If you use some online tool, it won't be hard
i think this area is a safe area, even i heard there are some drug dealers around.
i think it is okay, the atmosphere is better than i thought. i will live here again if i have a chance