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Crime is only an issue if you are not acquainted with your neighbors. Most people get to know their neighbors and watch each others house if one is not present at the home.
I feel comfortable and secure in this area but the major reasons are because of my alarm system and security cameras surrounding the house.
The houses are big and have a lot of room and beautiful back yards.
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it's a good area to be around .
I haven't seen any crime around my area.
I would choose to live here because it's very quiet and nice place to have your family to be.
I've lived here all my life. Its a great area in the metroplex. It's safe, the schools are providing great educational opportunities and the crime is at a bare minimum.
drugs have hit home and my old neighborhood has taken its share of drug addicted people in the area.
It's okay but could be better.
It's an okay area to live in.
Not to many weather problem.
There's not alot of restaurants in this area.
plenty of transportation but the area is so bad I'm afraid to use it
So much traffic, construction in the Dallas area that it is normal now to spend an extra 20-30 minutes in commute due to these issues.
My neighborhood is surrounded by bad areas but the homes look decent
I live in Texas so I get all 5 seasons in one week.
I try to go away from my neighborhood for even groceries, only on emergency stops do I put up with the local stores.
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It is a bad neighborhood with run down businesses that look like they do not care about their employee's
I live in a bad neighborhood where health and fitness is not of concern to the community
There could be more of a variety.