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Point Breeze is pretty cash money. Its super safe, robberies and stuff do happen but like you can walk around at night without worry. The community identity isn't very strong but there are a couple events like the point breeze yard sale
We are on our second house in Point Breeze and we could not imagine living anywhere else.

PB is like a fairy-tell... Clean, Friendly, Best Parks In Western PA, Local Amazing Restaurants, Coffee Shop, Doctors Office, Dry Cleaner, Vet (s), Mature Trees, Block Parties... I could go on and on and on...

There is simply no better place to live in Pittsburgh.
Very pretty neighborhood. Most folks in my situation (26, renting an apartment) live in Shadyside or Lawrenceville for proximity to shops and nightlife. I've really appreciated being a bit removed from that, in a quiet area with lots of trees and families. Still easy to get to other neighborhoods and to the Universities in Oakland, where I work.
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Very quiet neighborhood with lovely caring neighbors. Most children go to the three neighborhood schools. There are parks in close vicinity as well as churches and synagogues. There are a few cute restaurants and a family owned market. The area is beautiful and quaint.
I absolutely love Point Breeze. It has a very strong sense of community with many active residents. In addition to being next to the largest park in the city, there is a small business district has great a few great restaurants. Great for families, young professionals, pretty much anyone.
I like living in walking distance to stores, shopping and the park. It's a family type of community/location.
Hard to describe this weather. Definitely four seasons. But winters vary, sometimes brutal. The mountains are nearby for winter sports though. Summers can be hot and muggy.
I grew up here so it;s home. But I do feel a sense of community and the area is good for young people because of the univerisities. I would definitely come back here after college.
Sports teams bring in a lot of tourists and the convention center always has something going on.
There is a great sense of pride and community here. Good place to feel at home.
Public parks are great. Well maintained lots of trails and open space in this area of the city. Nearby state parks are good. Pollution can be a problem, but never really noticed it affected any quality of life.
Several recent accidents involving bycyles Can be dangerous on the streets. Parking is available but expensive. Pretty good bus system. Walking can be good but lots of hills.
Lots of parks nearby and opportunities for staying active. Sports are everywhere here for any age group. This area is know for quality hospitals and medical care.
Never had any need for police or fire, but they seem to be on top of things. I know the EMS are very good. Local reps are just tools.
My neighborhood is well maintained
The crime is moving toward my neighborhood.
The restaurants are great, Good variety.
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There is a big variety of local businesses in my neighborhood.
This area is strong for the medical community. Also, the tech community has a strong employment record. Others are not very strong and there is a great deal of competition for the remaining jobs.