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I love living in this neighborhood because it's close to lots of cool bars and restaurants. My biggest gripe is the lack of public trash cans! There is always tons of trash in the street, but I suppose that's not entirely specific to this neighborhood, but the city in general.
Point Breeze is n upcoming neighborhood.
When I first moved in here,it looked really scary,but after living here for sometime,the neighborhood is fine.The neighbors are friendly,and people tend to manage their own business
It not as dangerous at all
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it a quiet neighborhood. It right next to broad street
I've lived in this area my entire life and I need a environment.
There is a lot police brutality in my area
There is a lot of gentrification in my area that's causing to push low income people such as myself out of the area the people who are moving in the neighborhood are very racist toward african Americans
The new houses look really nice.
I would give it 3 out of 5 stars. The community would not be anything without the people. In addition, there are some people who bring it down but overall the community is very friendly and I have grew bonds with many neighbors.
I don't see the police around much. However, I see the ambulance more. This concerns me at times.
the neighborhood is okay. It may get loud at times at night and there are times, specifically during the holidays, where people have too much fun. Overall, I call this my home and I am glad that I moved into this neighborhood.
i don't really involve myself with the night life.
Depending on your field of work, its very hard.
They try there best to do there best.
The Weather is all around good
The Food and Drink are not that good
Employment Rate is very low
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The Business is very concerned about neighbors
Often see them more during election season, but are very appoachable and helpful
supermarket is nearby with many corner stores equipped with a variety of things