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The police is nearby, but when the local funeral home host a funeral and cars block our parking lot, they never come. Also, we have a 2 hour parking sign on our street. Guest will park for hours and wont get a ticket, while the day my dad is getting our parking permit renewed, we park in front of our house for 2.5 hours, and get a ticket. It isn't responsible.
The houses are huge, and there are few unkept houses. Many yards are unkept, but usually are kept nicely.
Point breeze, especially where I live, is near the outskirts of Homewood. Crime is prevalent inside Homewood, but as long as your not walking in the streets at 3AM, its pretty safe.
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Natural disasters almost never happen. The weather is insane, it can be nearly 80 degrees in the morning then in the afternoon is it pouring rain and freezing. The weather is random, but nothing too dangerous. I always carry an umbrella and sunscreen. Also, there is only two seasons here, summer and winter. Spring and fall last 3 weeks maximum.
There are a few restaurants and many bars in my neighborhood, however, bars dominate. The restaurants are very unique, but also expensive, so I don't eat out in my neighborhood often.
I am able to find jobs in my neighborhood , but usually I go work elsewhere due to more opportunities.
There are a lot of neat businesses in this area, including tons of grocery shops.