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The Pocket area is a quiet and well-maintained suburban neighborhood. The community feels bery tight-knit and welcoming. I've felt relatively safe for the nearly 10 years I've been here.
I love the fact that we have some good parks to go too. We have some good neighbors and the fire station is 3 blocks away. I would like to see change to my neighborhood with more social events, more parties and some more areas with benches.
I love my neighborhood it is quiet and the people are fairly nice, they just like being to themselves which is fine, because I like that too. I would like to see more tennis courts in Pocket, that is the only thing I would change.
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The crime is essentially nonexistent, with the worst being loud teenagers.
This neighborhood is friendly and welcoming, patriotic and safe.
Sirens are rare and we don't here of too many crimes happening in the neighborhood. There's usually one police car on patrol and it's not very often that we see more than that on the streets unless something happens.
There isn't a whole lot to do in the exact neighborhood, but Elk Grove, downtown, and other locations with more things to do are close enough. The neighborhood is very nice. There are a lot of elderly residents along with families with children. It's a nice, mostly quiet neighborhood bordered by the river and freeway.
It's really safe here actually. There's never really any crime as far as I can tell, and there's a ton of families with small children which lends to the safe feeling.
I like the immediate area I live in fairly well. I like that it's safe and clean, but I hate the location. It's about 40 minutes to anything fun or interesting, and there's no real clubs or churches or activities in the immediate area. I would not live here again.
The area is pretty private. The nicest thing is there are plenty of walking and biking paths for riding along the river. So if you like to be left alone and love to see the ducks and fish in the river and canal, then it's a good area for you. Local politics are alright, the state is a mess, and it is expensive to live here, but it's a good spot for retirees.
Great peace and nature, yet for being at a young age it would help to have more young people in the area
There is not much violence that i am aware of. Every place has a couple creeps and weirdos but i have seen less than a handful while living in this area. Many i am just unaware but i would definitely live here if i had to choose again.
There's plenty of businesses here, both small and large. However there are times when I wish there was more variety.
The weather is probably average for this area .We get some rain , some heat ,some wind but in the winter time we get some really bad fog . The fog has been responsible for several deadly crashes in the past .
This area is a great place that I grew up in when I was younger my dead would be gone a lot with my brother taking him to his soccer tournaments , I stayed home with my mom and we would always feel safe , that's been almost fifteen years and I still feel the same way .
Most people in my area are state workers , they work in many positions , Teachers , Cal Tran , UC Davis to name a few . The job out look does show some promise for the area that I live in and may be for the rest of the county . So hopefully by the time I finish college the job market will be up and going strong .
Crime is low in this area because we have our on in area security force , they patrol the streets and check on things to make sure everyone is safe . We feel safe in this area and when go on vacation we dont worry too much .
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There are several community centers that offer different levels of excerise and fitness training . So most people that really want to work out or just have a place to walk , these centers are available . There is a couple of majors hospital within the area as well as a trauma center within a ten minute drive . As for me I stay in shape by playing basketball on my AAU team .
There are a few local businesses in the area that seem to be doing well , the hardware store , the bike shop and the pool store . The local drug store is a national store and so are the local grocery stores . Just about everything you need can be found right here in our back yard .
Most of the people that i come in contact is very friendly . They are nice to me because their parents usually knows my dad from way back when . I have friends from all walks of life and most of us have been knowing each other since pre school . I am not affraid to make friends and if you really get lucky , sometimes they will make you .