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We are a very dry area. Our weather is often extremely hot in the summer and sometimes we get rain. Average winter temperatures are in the mid 60's. There are no real seasons. Rain is often welcome when it happens.
Our town is very pet friendly and sometimes people friendly. They offer summer concerts , street parties and events at the local fair grounds. Most people will live here for many years unless they are transferred out due to their jobs.
Most jobs available in this area are for fast food places and /or retail. Not much industry for tech jobs. One has to travel 45 mins away.
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People do not pay attention to their surroundings when driving in this area. you can see that every car has a ding or dent from an accident. Road up keep is not the greatest. People do not obey the traffic laws. Especially when they are around schools and public areas.
The town was mostly white people but has now become very ethnic. There are more ethnic people than white. Most of the people are nice but stay amongst themselves or families.
This town is good for young families or elderly couples. For singles not great or families that have college kids. They usually have to find activities in surrounding areas.
Due to the homes being close together and no yards per say we have many parks and trails and outdoor activities in the area. It is just a short drive to near by beaches. Hiking trails all around
Fire and rescue services are wonderful. Police are not so great. They racial profile and seem to stop you for no reason. They do not help when needed.
They built an outlet mall and they advertise it as a place to visit. We have some nice wineries.
We have a lot of chain restaurants as wells a few boutique restaurants. Most people eat at the chains due to the price is more affordable.
Most crime in this area is vandalism, drugs, drunk driving and breaking and entering.
Houses are built so fast that the quality is poor. If a earthquake happened then they would collapse. The housing industry is trying to put more homes and apartments in. Most of these are vacant.
We have a number of gyms in the area. They range from inexpensive to extremely high priced. You pay for what you get. It would be nice to see a full facility that was a moderate price. Most gyms cater to one population.