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This is a perfect area for outdoor activities.
Crime is low in my neighborhood, but when my roommates car was broken into in the middle of the day, no one called the police.
Portland has the best public services I have ever experienced.
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I love the rain, but live near a floodplain which floods regularly and causes landslides. After losing a previous home in another state, due to severe flooding, its is something that is on my mind frequently.
Most jobs in the area are very transient.
There isn't anything around my neighborhood, and the ones that are near the area, are scary.
There are a few corner stores around the corner but the nearest shopping area is 5 miles away.
I never had a problem so I guess it fine and whatever
It took me a long time to find a job and I needed one
Nothing to great. I dont use much of the busniess around here
The rain is cold and makes me sad. But its kinda cool
Ice cream so so good. Its cold and so good. I love it
You can literally find anything your looking for from any country here. Variety is every where.
If you have a college education you can find employment in this area.