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I have yet to see many acts of violence in this area. A large part of the demographic consists of homeless people, but so far, I have seen none that are harmful. There have been some potential threats at my college, but all have been handled quickly and effectively.
The people, atmosphere, and schools make this area great! Everyone in the city is very active, there are endless trails and watering holes, and the community is very open minded!
There's is a lot of crime here there is always cops in this area. Robbery is very prominent here.
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My overall experience in this area is not a that well. There are many exciting criminals living around this community. I would not chose to live here again due to many reports of robbery.
I wouldn't go back and change the past two years. I don't wish to continue living here, though. The portion of town I live in is ghetto. The establishments are not properly cared for and the people seem to be aggravated about life a lot of the time, even in the workforce. The crime is relatively high in this area, and there have been several assaults in my apartment complex alone.

My cousin got rear-ended in a hit-and-run, the license plate of the other driver got embedded into his car, and the only actions that the police officer took when he arrived was cancel the ambulance and take the license plate. (The police didn't even come out until the day after the accident, when my other cousin had called them and said that my cousin [the one who got rear-ended] had gotten hurt in the accident. The officer cancelled in person after my cousin said that he was sore but he didn't need an ambulance.) Upon arriving, the officer said that they would try to contact the person who owned the car with that license plate, but the person could deny that (s)he was the one driving the car at the time, and they- the police- couldn't really do much about it. Nothing got done about the accident on the side of the law enforcers.

The apartment rates in the area are nice, though.
Lots of restaurants and bars!
It's fine. Not many options.
austin has a great recycling program
heathly food is easy to find

there are plenty of places to exercise
austin is a nice city with live music and food
be moving back to California in next 2 years
The food in restaurants in Texas is okay but not good as restaurants in California
housing and utlities good in student housing but not in apartment cost to much
the area I live in okay it not a lot of crime in the crime like some area in austin
There are many types of stores around this location, making shopping for groceries and necessity's fairly easy
There are many different types of restaurants in this area for almost any type of cuisine
I live in the outskirts of the city so housing isnt as expensive as it would be more in town, there are alot of student living areas and some family living areas in this area.
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Since this is a college city most job openings are for students who are maintaining a balance between work and school. there are many more part time job openings than there are full time.
Rains quite often but most times its beautiful and nice and fresh
There are many students employed, but those without a degree don't have much opportunities