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The area I live in is very cultured and has a long history after all it is in the capital of the United states. I believe it is a great part to live if you are a college student because there are many around here or if you are a young entrepenuer.
Something needs to be done about Parking and Snow clean up
This is a inner city area. There are a few parks here and there but for real nature you really have to get out of the city.
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There seems to be crime in this area but has improved significantly over the past two years.
It's a friendly area but people are really busy with their day to day with their lives. There is not a lot of interaction between neighbors.
The seasons are standard. Not too extreme, very acceptable.
U street/14th street has a great nightlife and great bars/restaurants. There is something for everyone.
At least in the healthcare field, there are multiple hospitals with numerous open positions. I am not familiar with others fields.
There are a good number of restaurants and bars to choose from within close proximity. Getting around though takes a while.
I have no complaints about the local businesses in my area. There are several of different variety and quality and that diversity is why I love my area.
Washington, DC is a hotspot for small businesses and there are a ton of them in the food industry. From H street, to U street, to Adams Morgan, to Georgetown...the possibilities of great food at anytime and anywhere in the city are endless.
car theft, drug dealers, robberies, there is a police station five blocks from here
There is just mainly liquor stores and corner stores
There are not many local business stores. The stores here are very old.
People are not as friendly as where they are where I'm from but they are okay
Most of DC is modernised so conservation of the natural environment should be put as a priority
I think that DC is a wonderful place to visit. There is much to see and do
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I have seen some scary things in my time here in DC
I haven't been around too much but from what I know and I've heard it pretty okay
The house are not abandon the abandon house were taken over from people moving in. The neighborhood takes care of there property and cleans up.