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Crime does happen around my neighborhood. Never to me personally but you do hear of break ins and cars being stolen. However police do eventually arrive.
I generally like my neighborhood. I know its not the nicest area but I get along with neighbors and find things relatively close by where I live. I wouldn't mind living somewhere else if I could but I would also live here again if i had too
Its gotten better over the past years ,
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I been living here with my parents my whole life and based on my experiences its gotten better.
Not much happens, but there have been a few incidents.
You tend to like the quietness, but it is a place where you will have neighbors. Lately a lot of people have been moving in and it can get a little noisy.
My neighborhood is very high criminal activity. There's always police helicopters searching the area.
Where I leave is a nice county, but it's also a high criminal area. I would like to move somewhere more quieter and safer.
We have had a couple of things stolen from us, resulting in us putting cameras around the house. Besides that there have not been any problems.
It is not the best neighborhood but it could be a lot worse. The crime rates are not as bad as other places. Some neighbors are really friendly and we help each other out from time to time. It is nice to come out and see your neighbors. It gives you someone to talk to about the neighborhood. Although some kids have wrote all over the mailboxes and leave trash in people's yards, the living conditions are decent. For me, the overall rank is a seven on a scale of ten.
The area does not have many people living in it. The people living in my area do not socialize as often as other neighborhoods may.
Its okay, its somewhere to live.
this place is all i know
There isnt anything to say.
Its okay. its just a place im use to
Simple questions and short thats good.
This area is a nice neighborhood. There are times when you hear gunshots or helicopters searching from above, but that's very rare. Overall it's a nice area, could do better in recreational activities and neighborhood involvement.
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get used to gunshots and illegal fireworks on holidays
There is many people standing in gas stations, trash on sidewalks, road and grass. Many people walking in the streets and at times getting into fights. At some gas stations and parks I tend to see people selling drugs. In a month the minimum amount of gun shots heard is three. In two months the minimum amount of police chases is one. This includes police cars and helicopters hovering over the house. There are many dogs in the neighborhood and since there are many emergencies in which ambulances and police are involved there is a lot of howling. Also, there are many stray dogs. Homes and apartments are beat up and not properly maintained.
I used to go to the national state parks with my grandparents and the natural was very beautiful. in the city i rarely see beautiful natural scenes. the parks are very peaceful and have places were children can play