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I love that I am surrounded by my hispanic culture and this is where I grew up. The schools are pretty rough, the teachers don't teach and kids are constantly falling through the cracks. There are always gunshots at night.
The thing I like about Pleasant grove is the people that you meet in the streets, they are friendly and very hospitable. There is a lot of things to do in Pleasant Grove like go to the parks, waterslides, good food.
Pleasant Grove is a nice neighborhood. Many people would consider it in the "hood", but it's really a nice place to settle down.
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I wouldn't change nothing. Nice place to hang out. Clean parks and having Maribel as my neighbor is a plus of living in Pleasant Grove. Loving families all around.
I grew up in Pleasant Grove, so I wouldn't change. single thing about it. I just love how my neighbor Anibal and his family are so loving and caring. My neighborhood is amazing.
What I enjoy the most about pleasant grove are the people that I’ve meet and I am close to. Although, accidents tend to happen a lot around my neighborhood. There are always thieves, car accidents, drugs and many other things on a daily basis. About 4 years ago my house got broken into, we got 2 German Shepard’s and since that day they didn’t try coming back. I believe that speeding bumps should be added to the roads because every week there are car accidents for speeding.
As a community member of Pleasant Grove, I know of this place like the back of my hand. Raised in this area has taught many goods and bad. I've seen this place progress in its best ways. We have always worked together and make the area a safer and nicer place to our new neighbors. We come with welcoming hands to everyone and help each other in different ways.
I give this neighbor hood a 3 because I have been here 3 years and there have been about the same amount of pros and cons.
My experience living in this area for the most part has been positive. I do however think it is because my parents did not allow me to socialize much with my peers. The neighborhood is tough. My family was adamant we kept to ourselves and stay out of trouble. I think the most critical change to the community would have to be encouragement for young children to stay in school.
Pleasant grove is a small area within Dallas that can use more recreational centers for the youth. The crime and gangs are high and the community needs to be more involved with one another. This is the change that is needed to bring our community together and get the children out of the streets.
I love Pleasant grove because its right smack in the middle of any major highway. Not too mention a Taco stand on every corner! If you grew up in the "PG" that means you know everyone and everyone knows you, Family inside every store!
Although pleasant grove is a rough place ,once you get to know the place , its is actually quite friendly. The people here in pleasant grove are mostly retired elderly people, but at night time , you don't wanna be outside because there are young teenagers who come around neighborhoods shooting and causing all types of chaos for the whole neighborhood.
On average not bad as it use to be but alot has changed. The area needs improvement from streets and homes which has approved in October 2017 by the city of Dallas. Pleasant grove needs the city of Dallas support. Other areas of Dallas are growing and changing and its time for it to happen here. No one is safe from crime these days.
What I like about Pleasant grove is that everything is close to you wherever you go. If a person likes to go to the park there's are plenty to choose from. The same thing with libraries, food places, gas stations, and public services in general.
Pleasant Grove is a very low income area. The streets and houses are in terrible conditions, as well as some the facilities there. It's also dangerous to be outside at night, especially if you ae alone. From my personal experience of living for four years there, I heard gunshots most nights for the first few nights and had trouble sleeping. after a while I became used to it and it did not bother me. however, many of my friends' houses were shot at or broken into, and I had my parents truck broken into once as well. It is a risky place to be located in, but sometimes one does not have a choice as it is very cost efficient to live there. I would advise to be prepared for anything, and to be safe as possible.
Pleasant Grove is actual a great community. Crime is kinda high in my neighborhood, but I live with it. There is much more the pain here. There are churches and organizations here reaching out and helping the community. There isn't much to do in pleasant grove, but work. There are many fast food places to work at plus a lot of fine dining venues and warehouse jobs in the neighboring area.
I like the memories I have of Pleasant Grove growing up with my grandma. She would take my sisters and I to eat, help others in need, and to church growing up. Once I grew up she became quite ill and was not able to drive and I would drive her to go eat, help people in need and to church. She has since passed but the memories of the neighborhood and her remain.
As for change, it has changed quite a bit over the years. Most of the businesses are locally owned I would like to see a few chain businesses come this way such as Cane's Chicken and Starbucks!
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The neighborhood is very peaceful. I have heard a lot of negative things about the neighborhood, but honestly I do not think that any of the statements made are true. In my area, it is a peaceful place. There is hardly any transit so it is quiet.
I like the familiarity of the area and the closeness of places. I would like to see a bit more diversity and healthy options (e.g. vegan/vegetarian friendly places)
When I first moved to Pleasant Grove it was surprisingly a quiet and lovely place to live. The violence has since increased and the police presence has decrease. I would like to see a stronger police presence and some sort of neighborhood watch implemented.