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Plaza Midwood is a safe and friendly neighborhood with tons of nearby restaurants, bars, shopping, and living accommodations. I love the welcoming atmosphere and young vibe of the community.
Cool people, nice restaurants and fun bars. There's always something, like trivia or karaoke, going on!
I live within cycling distance of Plaza Midwood. It's a great little neighborhood - Central Avenue just northeast of the Metropolitan area serves as the heart of the place. There's a strip of vintage retail buildings filled with restaurants, shops, bars, and more. Plaza Midwood is home to some of Charlotte's best nights out; Soul Gastrolounge, Bistro La Bon, and Midwood Smokehouse are all within walking distance of each other. If you're interested in a cocktail with that food, look no further than Workman's Friend or Peculiar Rabbit (the Rabbit is also a great place to watch a game with your friends!). If you're more interested in a beer and some music, hit up Thomas Street Tavern or Legion Brewing.
Plaza Midwood is also home to a fantastic little library, the site of the original Harris Teeter (done over just a few years ago into a multi-level grocery experience), and host to a paint-and-sip studio, a used bookstore, and so much more.
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Having grown up in and around the Charlotte area, Plaza Midwood is the only neighborhood where I have felt the warmth of a community. In the midst of a large whirling city of chaos this small neighborhood wreaks of unity and passion. From working in a local dive bar to shopping at my local grocery store; the members of this community have endless passion for their neighbors and neighborhood itself. I have never felt more at home.
I love Plaza Midwood! There is a lot to do by just stepping out your front door. There is always something going on. It definitely has a close-knit neighborhood field but also a city feel. It is also extremely walkable to Uptown and Elizabeth.