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Platte Park neighborhood has always been a hidden gem. Many new restaurants over the past few years have made Olde South Pearl a very happening place. Great for families and young professionals, close to many parks. Quick jaunt downtown and very bike friendly!! Easy to access major thoroughfares to escape the city life and enjoy our beautiful mountains!
Platt Park is an active and close-knit community surrounded by small businesses, great conveniences, and parks. Platt Park provides something for everyone from bars and boutiques to restaurants and coffee shops where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and your favorite book. Houses of new and old surround the small business haven, making everything just a quick walk away. Walk less than a mile east and you will find yourself at Denver's Washington Park, the perfect place to enjoy life with a run, multiple sports, the quiet pond to sit around or paddle boat, and enough nature to make it a short-term escape. For the time you need a little nightlife the Tavern, Pub on Pearl, and the Lincoln Roadhouse all have you covered but if you're looking to head into the heart of the city make your way just 2 blocks over to the Lousiana- Pearl Station and hop on the 15 minute light rail ride to put you within walking distance of Market Street.
I love the family vibe of this area. The only negative is how much traffic/construction there has been lately.
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Though there is some minor crime around the neighborhoods such car break ins, and very rarely house break ins. In my life, living here 18 years, I have never once been made aware of a major crime in the area. The police are very responsive and monitor the area when needed.
The weather is great. Its sunny 300 days a year, the grass is green due to a good amount of rainfall, and there is little risk of significantly damaging natural disasters. The snow in the winter is actually quite beautiful, and because of th every sunny climate, snow doesn't stick around for too long.
The restaurants and bars in the area are incredible. It is some of the highest regarded food in the city, and the drinks are just the same. Not only is there great dinner places, but great brunch places and coffee shops. You can get anything from southern comfort food, to sushi, to bar food.
There are so many retail and restaurants to work at, however there is not very many professional firms. They are great businesses for summer employment for a college student, and it is a great area for a small business to open up and become well regarded in the neighborhood.
The Sushi Den is located on Pearl Street and is, in my opinion, and the opinion of many others, the best sushi restaurant in the city, rivaled only by its neighbor, Izakaya Den, which shares the same owner. The service is excellent, the food is fantastic, and the mood is nice. The clothing boutiques, Melrose and Madison, Gracies, Paiges and Common Threads are cute stores, that are slightly expensive, but have great quality of clothes. Whole Foods is right down the street as well, which is a highly regarded grocery store.
You are still in a city so everything is very close together and expensive
Denver is still a city and there is a lot that goes on, but it's nothing compared to some other cities.
It's Colorado! You get a bit of everything. Be an active outdoor person is easy
Sunny and beautiful most of the year. You still get 4 seasons, which I love.
There is a lot of variety, but for the most part it is on the slightly more expensive side.
It totally depends on what you do. You are close enough to downtown you could work there, but it is still a commute.
There is a great combination of small locally owned restaurants and bars to the staples everyone loves.
I'm a student so I'm not sure, but it seems good