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I wouldn't leave your doors unlocked,
The neighbourhood tends to be peaceful and welcoming, but at times the teenagers cause trouble. Some property has been vandalized and a few cars and rigs were graffitied on some time ago. At times homeless individuals can be a problem, and shifty individuals passing through the area can make themselves too at home. However, when such disturbances occurred, the police arrived promptly and took care of things.
For the most part, it's a very decent place to live. There are some downsides, but I find it to be an enjoyable place.
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I have lived in this area for a long time and I love it at time but however it can get rough at time with crimes especially in my area.
Its too hot all the time. Other than that its ok.
True Fitness is the only place closeby that I can go and not feel like I might get stabbed.
The only tourist attraction worth mentioning is Disneyland. The rest of the city is crap.
Where I work out everything is good. Taking a step outside is like a different world.
It's like LA, but not quite as bad.
The police here are abusive.
I want to live somewhere else.
Most places have pretty crappy food, but some places are okay.
The only jobs available are in the fast food industry.
I don't get to see too many outdoor areas so I wouldn't really know.
It's expensive and the quality is pretty bad.
I've had neighbors who were stabbed right outside my apartment complex.