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its ot a bad area but could be better
i like the area it quite and nice
The only complaint I have is the weather, which is highly unpredictable and ranges from flames of the underworld during the summer and arctic colds during the winter. Can also be very windy. But sunny 300+ days of the year, so great for solar powered houses
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Local businesses are a great asset to the economy and give small towns are great home feeling.
New York Chinese (89052) has the best sesame chicken.
It is hard to find anything in 89011 zip code. I lived in 89012 zip code and everything was easily accessible. Gimme Some Sugar (89012) was a local bake shop my daughter and I used to frequent. The ladies were very sweet and the desserts were sweeter.
Many people in the Las Vegas valley are unemployed or not looking for employment because it is easier to get unemployment checks. Many people would also not be able to live off the salaries they are offered if they leave their unemployment checks. I am thankful that I am able to go to Graduate school full-time and not have to worry about employment yet, however, I am certain I will be able to find a well-paying job in a company that deserves my skills. I do not intend to stay in the Las Vegas valley after graduation.