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Piper Glen Estates Reviews

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I enjoy living here I think its a great family neighborhood
I feel very safe in the neighborhood. It is a very family oriented area with low crime
I love how everything is so convenient, but when your in a neighborhood it feels very secluded. I would live here again
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Not too many abandoned houses, everything is pretty much occupied.
Everyone tends to get along very well and are very friendly towards each other.
There is very little crime in my area and I feel completely safe in my surroundings.
I like the diversity in Charlotte. The city draws people from all over the world and you get to meet so many different people.
I've not seen any abandoned homes in this area, but have seen some foreclosures so the homes are not maintained as well as they used to be.
It was a great community to grow up in - lots of athletics and support from the community.
We do not have a problem with crime in our area.
Charlotte is a nice city but I will probably choose to live in another state when I graduate from college.