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Where I live it is very quiet, and safe, the police are very visibility. My only concern is if bad weather comes, will my house be safe. When I say it is safe, when someone is home,coming and going. Now if bad weather comes, will my belonging be safe. This is one of my main concern, even those I have insurance my things are my things, and for someone to steal it, its does hurt.
I believe the area could be a little more safer. The police should be around more and the street lights could be much brighter throughout the neighborhood.
The area is okay. Some things can be fixed by the city.
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I live in the city there is no outdoors
The housing is average not too good not too bad
We just plain have no safety.
It is hot and humid but is prone to flooding in heavy rain or hurricane.
Only few fast food places but they are a low quality
Jobs say they are hiring but they are always very under staffed.
They have the basic needs, but could have more variety in the stores.