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I moved in this area in 2010 and I have enjoyed living here. Parks are near by and stores are walking distance.
Pinehurst is located very close to Seattle, which means the commute is excellent. Home prices continue to rise, but are still slightly less than neighborhoods closer to downtown. A lightrail is being built, which will only make the commute better. Nearby is plenty of shopping and restaurants, which is very convenient. The neighborhood itself is a bit rough. There are many homeless people and the homes and yards throughout the area are a bit rough. Pinehurst has a park or two, but nothing that stands out. I would love to see this area spruced up a bit with sidewalks and some home improvements.
Like anywhere there will always be crime present in this modern day. There is definitely visibility of police.
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With a brand new large school being built down the road, I do see a lot of potential for this neighborhood and for more families and structures/homes/businesses coming along with that. This area is good looking and very convenient because it is located near so many major shops such as supermarkets and malls. Overall it is a decent area.
I feel very secure while going about my business in the city. Police violence and other crimes are a concern and you hear about it from time to time, but things happen. At least the city it making an effort to reform the police and security of the city, and that's a comfort some cities don't have.
I see myself returning to Seattle. It's truly a one of a kind city that is progressive and always improving the opportunities it offers. The people are great and there is an area with the right atmosphere for everyone.
Seattle is moving towards more progressive attitudes about race, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion.

The parks are awesome and so are the local beaches.
Having smaller class for Math and Science is so important. These subjects are very challenging and most of student needs extra help with it. Having smaller class can give the student the extra help they need from the teacher and the teacher to work with them as well.
Seattle weather is amazing. It rains often but the rain doesn’t keep us from doing anything. We don’t have snow or flooding. The weather is great throw out the year. We don’t have to worry about it. We also get good amount of sunshine.
This areas business is growing rapidly and there always building more Restaurants, Apartments and Gyms. It is becoming a very popular place in less than a year. Because of new businesses there are a lot of job opportunities. The people that live in this area are very diverse as well.
There are lots of amazing restaurant around me. My family always goes to “taste of India”. The food is amazing and the service is great as well. It almost feels like home, it is so cozy and warm. The price is expensive but they have big portion.
Most of the local businesses are very clean and the employs are very friendly. They really care about what you think and always help you when they can. They have what I need at a very affordable price. The quality of there product is great as well.