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There have been a couple times that I have seen the police very active in my neighborhood but only 2 times in 10 years is not bad i would say. There really no scare of crime immediately in our area. Not too far away there is a park with a history of drug activity but as far I know not much has happened for a while. On police visibility, since we live on a dead end street we don't get the police coming by often but we do live about 5 minutes away from the local police station and about 2 minutes from the nearest fire department so I have no fears about their ability to arrive in a timely manner.
For the most part I love the area and would choose to live here again. However, not too far away from our home there is a history of drug activity and my family has seen a couple police raids over the last 10 years. Besides that neighbors are friendly and helpful. There are some major freeways around but the overall noise is low because of the amount of trees nearby. We are close to big cities, entertainment, great restaurants, and outdoor excursions.
It really is a hodge-podge, depending on the neighborhood you live in. There are single-family houses, condos, duplexes, town-homes and apartments. New construction as well as historical homes from as far back as the late 1800s. Some are well-maintained. Others are not cared for at all. The best neighborhood to live in, if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it, is the Port Gardner neighborhood of northeast Everett. The worst areas to live are neighborhoods off of Casino Rd. and Broadway.
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Though mot of us do not know each other as neighbors, there still seems to be enough of a sense of community to keep people around. Most people in my neighborhood have lived there longer than 5 years. There are monthly neighborhood meetings people can attend to get involved, however, I have never attended one, so I cannot say what they involve or how successful they are in impacting neighborhood change. There are some community events, but I have been able to attend any of these, so, again, I cannot really speak to these.
I think that the area is good for the economy because of Boeing and the Port of Everett. It is also a historic city so it has many beautiful homes and interesting scenery.
The area I currently live in is calm and stores are easily accessed around. Super market and grocery stores are close and recreation areas are around also.
Sense it is Washington State the weather is rainy and cloudy a lot. But at least it isn't freezing cold all the time.
I am only eighteen years old, and a senior in high school, so I can't speak too much on this, but I can say though for someone like me their is a few job openings in the area.
I do see police around a lot, but I've noticed that they do need to attend to some calls more than others, so sometimes depending on your needs they could be slow. Their is drug use, but nothing harmful to other people.
I do like the variety of fast food restaurants but I wish their were more nicer restaurants and I wish their were more locally owned diners and restaurants.
There are a few workout facilities in the area, and I do usually see someone walking, running, or biking along the interurban trail. Around neighborhoods and around the streets i don't see very many people exercising, but then again it does rain a lot here and I don't know how many people go to workout facilities.
I live in Everett Washington and sense it is a large city in the state of Washington it is going to have its ups and downs. Compared to big cities like Seattle, I think Everett is an okay place to live. I do however though wish their were less homeless people and less drug abuse. I do like the amount of parks around and a mall with a movie theater close by.
Their are options on what grocery stores to go to, but their just normal grocery stores. I do wish their were more locally owned hair salons instead of chained ones. Same thing goes with restaurants. I do like the variety of fast food restaurants, but I do wish their were more nicer restaurants or locally owned diners.
I have a good sense of security. I normally don't have to fear walking around by myself, but am always on guard.
Houses are nice and sizable. Most are well kept and welcoming
There are many different options to go to.
There are some places that have some very good job opportunities but if you aren't willing to look for a good job it will be slightly difficult to find a job that would go to the level you would like to go to.
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There is a good mix of bigger corporations and smaller owned businesses, both are great establishments.