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Live s in Pine Hills/Buckhead for over 10 years. The cost of living is high! But, the quality of life is superb. This area has increased in diversity in recent years.
stuff for everyone. no extreme sports but very pleasant and nice parks everywhere
great neighborhood. everything is very unique and new
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theres not much security around here. steps have been taken but still not too much safety features
nothing too unpredictable. if theres a problem we have a warning and nothing much to worry about
as a high school student, i havent had any problems finding a job. my part time jobs have been very fulfilling and managers are great with how they handle my time. great wages so far so i have nothing bad to say
Lots of small, unique businesses around here mixed in with larger corporations. Whatever i need i can always find so i havent ever had any problems finding a place to buy what i need. lots of stores all around me, so every direction i go theres a place to find what i need.