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I have lived in Pine Hills for several years. I love the neighborhood feel. It is quiet and I know my neighbors. It has convenient amenities such as grocery store, drug store, convenience store, modern library and many restaurants including take out spots. While the house I live in is an old Victorian and quirky, the landlord is good about upkeep. I love this neighborhood.
Utilities are very expensive. Time warner is a rip off and so is national grid.
My neighborhood has very nice houses where many families live, but it is surrounded by neighborhoods where there are college students and sketchy apartments.
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Albany is past its prime, the city needs a revival as houses are falling apart.
The crime is usually at a minimum.
I enjoy the place I live, it's just a little boring
I live right next to the police station, so I know that if something goes wrong, they will not be far away. I always see police on patrol every day. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see a police officer. This makes me feel safe.
I definitely feel safe in this community. I feel welcomed, and not judged. The architecture is starting to get worse though. It could use a little help with construction. Other than that, it's a great place to live.
There are certain areas of town that have much more crime.
There are many police officers in Albany. But they treat college students specifically minorities very poorly. I have been a victim of profiling while getting pulled over, questioned as a criminal, asked why i was in Albany, where was i coming from, Why am i driving this late, where am i going next, Is this even my real ID, Who's car is this (when it is obviously registered in my name which could be seen on the dash board). The cop proceeded to shine her flash light in my face, and told me to speak up over five times, while there was no noise around the car and my radio wasn't playing. She then calls for back up, so a simple pull over turned into me having four cop cars behind me. I know many other stories of profiling, brutality and police antagonizing hispanics. Hispanic parties are so much more likely to get pepper sprayed shut down, tickets assigned to people or even arrest. Ive been a victim of the police illegally searching a house, and witness them running through a house. Police cannot be trusted in Albany as a hispanic.
The school system at Suny Albany is completely backwards. The police are very racist. The residents from Albany are very weird and creepy. The landlords take advantage of school students as well as the police. The houses are usually very old and poorly maintained unless there was a fire which forced them to renovate the apartment. The prices at convent stores or gas stations are very outrageous. The wages of most jobs in Albany are horrible, i could work an hour and a half away making close to 15$, found the same exact job in Albany and they only wanted to pay me 9$ and that was with experience.

One thing that i think is cool about Albany though is the public transportation because when i came from this does not exist. Also the housing is kind of affordable compared to other places.

My overall experience here has not been that good, but i have learned serval skills such as budgeting, living on my own, paying my own bills, and struggling (which i think has build my personality so this is not such a bad thing)

i would not live here again in the future or even if i could do it all over. The future for this town will just continue to get worst and worst with the blatant corruption.
There's always robberies happening in the middle of the day.
I would only live in this area if you were going to college. The community is perfect for college students. Albany has a very large potential to become better but there's not much being done about it.
Albany, NY has all the conveniences of most large cities, shops, restaurants, attractions but in a scaled down size and we have the luxury of being close to NYC and Boston.
The food and Drinks are at the best in terms of taste
There are many job opportunities
Local bars such as Washington tavern and Stores such as Pine hills are very busy all the time
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The nature and outdoors in this area provide everyone with an opportunity to engage in healthy exercise.
The crime in this area is horrendous. Criminals roam the streets. Criminals sit next to me on the bus. There are tons of racist people calling out all races and every individual is disrespected on a daily basis. I am often robbed and the cops do nothing. The cops focus on shutting down college parties and allow rapists to run around. People get upset easily and angry when their cars are towed.
The public services provided in this area are free for me as a student and I am able to get around all the time. I really am grateful for the bus and it provides transportation for me all over town. I don't have to buy a car and waste money on the hidden costs of keeping a car in good condition. The buses are good however the roads are never clear from snow fast enough. The snow removers suck and parking is awful