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While you can ask for directions and they will most certainly point you in the right direction, that's about all you can get from them. This is not a place where your friends with your neighbors until something forces you to act with them.
Boise has great-exciting groups and communal events, however, I must be honest by saying that it seems as Boise grows in population that the closeness of everyone diminishes with it. Surprisingly, there are still many local groups and organizations bringing people together such as Boise Habitat for Humanity, The Cathedral of the Rockies, the Idaho Youth Ranch, and many more.
Like previously mentioned, Boise offers quick access tho some of the State's best outdoor opportunities like Lucky Peak, the Boise Foothills, and Table Rock just to name a few.
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With access to several gyms including Planet Fitness, Gold's Gym, the Boise State Gym, The YMCA, Idaho Athletic, and many others along with quick access to the rolling Boise Foothills and The Rocky Mountains- Boise offers some of the best fitness opportunities.
Many people regard Boise as one of the up-and-coming places to live for its economy and salary benefits.
Boise is variant among homeowners and types of places to live......many different types and sizes of houses.
Overall, Boise is a great place for local shopping, dining, and the whole experience!
Boise is a great place with proximity to 3 major hospitals (not including smaller doc in the boxes)