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I have lived in the same house for as long as I have lived, I have seen the Piedmont neighborhood change so much. As a kid, the neighborhood was rough, at night me and my siblings learned the difference between fireworks and gunshots. We became used to the constant wailing of sirens. Over the years though its grown, I never encounter gunshots anymore, and now its quiet.

It went from a noisy neighborhood to a quiet one, the neighbors are amazing and its beautiful. I have grown with the neighborhood too, I've learned to be tough in a world that is harsh. I know that everything changes now. One of the worst neighborhoods is now one of the most sought after.

Piedmont is home.
The Portland area is great for the outdoors, but it really takes about an hour to be in nature. That being said, there are many opportunities for outdoor pursuits within the city with many parks, hiking trails, and little pollution
This used to be a high crime area, but with gentrification and a greater police presence crime rates have gone down in the past ten years. There have been a number of gang related incidents in very public places within the past year.
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Public services in Portland are pretty good. Local representatives continue to try to enact regulations that are in strong opposition to what the people of Portland want.
Job prospects are only okay. Because Portland is a fairly large city, jobs do exist, but they certainly aren't extremely easy to come by. There are a number of tech companies (Intel), and Nike and Adidas have their headquarters here...maybe people have jobs in those companies.
Grey, cloudy, and rainy 9 months out of the year with an amazing summer. Summers are dry, not humid, and sunny with moderately high temperatures. Snow is a rarity, happening maybe once per year. Most essential wardrobe items are a rain jacket and plenty of layers.
Lots of amazing food options ranging from fancier restaurants to food carts or microbreweries. There is also a great mix of cuisines in the area: Italian, Thai, Southern Comfort, Mexican, etc. Lots of great places for drinks, but there aren't really any dancing options around.
A large park is directly across the street and a variety of bars and restaurants are within walking distance (1-2 miles). One grocery store is 0.5 miles away and a convenience store is even closer. Most businesses tend to be mom and pop stores rather than big companies. You can definitely get almost everything you need in this area.
the job market is a bit saturated, but if you work hard you will find a job.
there are a lot of small businesses that make it here which is great. there is a sense of support for local products.