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The crime here has been getting bad, the investigators are not the best. There are a lot police around, but when they're needed they don't get to you until 30 minutes or later
The atmosphere is pretty decent, I would probably choose to move little more up North where the environment is a bit cleaner and people are nicer, or I'd move into the country because I would want to learn how to ride horses, raise cattle, and learn how to live without many technology.
There is crime everywhere. I just think that people could behave better and be better citizens. Honestly, I would never walk alone in my neighbor hood.
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It is not the worst neighborhood, but it can get better than it is right now.
The police are generally quick to respond. They are in the area quite a bit. It is advised to not walk alone here in the neighborhood at night. Robbery occurs often in the homes around us and gunshots can be heard at night. As long as you don't get involved with the wrong people you will be okay.
Living in this area of Dallas is not the most ideal but it is comfortable and my home. The neighborhood may not be the nicest but the people you associate with are genuine and hard-working.
Texas is crazy so you never know what to expect
well since its food im use too I think its pretty good in my opinion
They only hire if they know you pretty much or if you really are determined
The local businesses in this area may be great or poor depends on the store.