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I grew up in the small neighborhood of Pico-Union in Los Angeles . Growing up here I have seen both the good and the bad but all in all the love I have grown for my community is strong. It is true, the neighborhood is filled with gangs, drugs, and violence. But it is also filled with family, love, care, and hard work. Although there are those that try to pull our youth towards the wrong direction, there are also those of us who try to show them and keep them in the right path. We have after school programs, parks, and community centers that work hard everyday to teach the youth right from wrong. We work everyday to help them work on themselves and try our best to keep them away from the drugs and the gangs. Culture peeks around every corner. Pico Union is the graph lab n which people go to to express themselves through any form of art. Pico Union is the street filled with family owned businesses that help feed the community. Pico Union is a family.
This neighborhood has gotten cleaner over the years thanks to the help of charter schools being added.
Pico Union is a calm friendly place to live however parking is really bad in this neighborhood so I hope to one day see more parking spots without meters.
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Definitely going through changes, neighborhood is headed in the right direction. Excellent location if you work either downtown or on the west side.
Pico Union is minutes away from the Staples and Convention Centers. The streets in this area are clean for the most part with the exception of graffiti on a few buildings. Like any small active neighborhood in LA, early mornings consist of people catching the metro buses, and the Dash. It's busiest street is Pico and here is where family owned businesses, and clinics can be found. There's a nearby 99cents store, but the real staple of this neighborhood would have to be the Adelita bakery on Pico and Union. Though there's hardly ever any parking for its residents, the meters on the main streets are inexpensive.
Pico Union is a place that many people have called home for many years. The majority of people that live in PU have been there for years, I know many people that have been given the same home their great grandparents parents use to live in. It may not be such a safe place, but everyone is respectful with everyone and the community tries their best to focus on everyone living in the community.