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Apartment buildings in my area are average. There are no abandoned homes but are some vacant apartments. In my neighborhood there are no worst reside in the area. The neighborhood is peacefull, calm and quiet.
There are bike thefts and vandalism and the city is feeling more vulnerable with the population explosion.
I have lived in Santa Monica for nearly 11 years and have seen the area grow beyond realistic capacity. New construction and traffic are terrible and the "beach town" feeling is fading with the rising population and the rising rents.

Santa Monica will likely become too crowded for many of us who moved here to get away from the feeling of living in a busy city and the rent control apartments.

Overall though,Santa Monica is a great place to live. There are great place to eat, good schools, plenty of yoga studios and gyms and decent public transportation.We complain about the growth but it is still one of the most desired places to live in the country.
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I am not too familiar with this topic and am not the best to attest for it. However, based on observation, I do see a lot of cops driving around, which makes me feel safer.
Santa Monica has a lot of attractions, restaurants, and job opportunities; however, the one downside to this city is the congestion. There are so many people living and working in the area, that it creates so much traffic throughout the week and even into the weekend.
People live in this area for more than 5 years. The community is pet friendly. there aren't any community events or engagements in the area.
In the area there is no crime.
Honestly there is not much crime that i hear about or see for myself. The only concern in santa monica is graffiti on vans and properties and the unpredictable homeless people that you are guaranteed to come across.
Santa Monica is a cool place to live because of the artistic atmosphere,There is a lot of diversity in ethnicities and beliefs. For a college student, it is hard to find other young people who actually live in Santa Monica because the cost of living is very pricey. When you meet someone at santa monica college they are likely to tell you that they commute to the school from a farther city.
Living in an area that has a beach and everything around me, truly greatful.
It was an okay survey because the questions were vague and general so it doesn't offer meaningful responses for influential change.
The selection is decent in SM. A lot of restaurants offering eco-friendly and raw vegan food which is interesting and great option. I wish that restaurants were less expensive in the area, I understand there is a lot of tourists but maybe offer a locals discount?
I believe that public services in this area are okay. There seems to be good reaction times from police/fire stations and the police routinely drive around neighborhoods. One public service they seem to overdo is parking attendants, they will sit and wait in front of your meter, waiting for it to expire. Seems a little ridiculous in my opinion.

I believe that littering on the beach should be more strictly enforced. However, I am thankful that Santa Monica is progressing towards more green laws.

An issue that needs to be addressed is the increase of homeless persons in the area. This needs to be dealt with on a state level. 12% of LA is now living homeless. This is unacceptable because many are mentally ill and can not afford the medications and help they so desperately need. We need to stop picking up homeless people and dumping them in the ghetto. That is not a solution.
You don't get much for your money if you have a cat or dog. For $1700, you get a small one bedroom in a pretty old building and cockroaches. The prevalence of vacant properties is almost nonexistence hence the landlords can demand sky-high prices for their units because there's no other options if you want to live in the area.
I wish that nature was more accessible. It's hard in this location because is surrounded by city. About 15 minutes up the hill and there are great hiking trails. I wish there were local community gardens.
Winter is 50s to 60s.

Spring is 60s to 70s.

Summer is 70s to 80s (sometimes warmer).

Fall is 60s to 70s.

Most essential items is a windbreaker because we are near the coast and although it is warm during the day, it always cools down significantly in the evening.
It's difficult to find jobs in the area that can provide a salary/wage that supports you. Even if you have 2-3 jobs, you probably won't be able to pay for rent in this neighborhood. I think employers forget that their employees need to sleep if their performance is expected to be up to par and it's insane to believe that you would need 4 full time jobs to support yourself in this area and you would probably still need to have a roommate.
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There are a few local businesses in the area. The local businesses nearby are wonderful, although they are a bit expensive, it is worth it because the service tends to be more prompt and genuine. The products provided by small businesses in the area are enough to support my consumption habits.
There are many lower paying jobs in the neighborhood. If someone wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, they wouldn't be working in my neighborhood because there aren't offices like that around.
As far as basic necessities for my family, we have mostly everything we need. We have a grocery store, hardware stores, mom-and-pop shops and more. What are area is lacking is clothing stores.