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Phinney Ridge is a beautiful, central location in Seattle, Washington. It provides a wide variety of restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and little clothing stores. There is a great sense of community with people out and about each and every day. It is a safe neighborhood that sleeps at night and is active during the day.
I like how green the area is, the nearby Woodland Park Zoo/ Woodland Park, family friendliness, and safety. It would be better if there was more diversity and the houses were not as expensive. Mostly nice old craftsman houses but some are ugly and modern. Very hilly and not super easy to walk places.
Police and fire station are very good but local representation is okay, governor I feel does an efficient job at representing the people of the state.
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There are several bike trails in the area although many people still use the roads to bike on. Parking is mostly okay except in the downtown area and certain residential areas. Walkability is good in downtown area, Capital Hill and north Seattle neighborhoods. The quality of public transportation is okay but getting better. Traffic congestion is heavy throughout Seattle region.
There is plenty to see and do.....Sasquatch music festival, Hempfest, a ride to the top of the Space Needle, The Experience Music Project. The beauty to the scenery, moderate climate, great food / excellent restaurants, many farmers markets, National Parks ( Mount St Helens, Mt Rainier, Olympic National Park, Viewing Orca Whales off the the San Juan Islands and Elliott Bay.
Many people in this area are very into the outdoors and enjoy bike riding, rollerblading, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking etc.. There are several chain health club facilities as well as some private ones. There are a couple of tennis clubs and golf ranges and plenty of rock climbing facilities if one does not want to travel to the mountains. Many world class hospitals including a teaching university hospital that is a regional trauma unit. I love the outdoor and I try to find time biking and swimming.
The area has some of the best selection of outdoor activities such as skiing, cold water scuba diving, kayaking,sailing and bike trails. There are also lots of local county and state parks, fabulous national parks.
The local population is very diverse with different nationalities and races and the people have very different tastes in food, arts and entertainment.
The area that I live in feels especially safe, however there are parts of the city that do not feel as safe.
Seattle has such fabulous parks that are maintained so nicely. I love to visit them as frequently as I can, especially the parks that have beaches.
I recently moved to this area and while I do not know many of my neighbors, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I love the vibe of the neighborhood and how much is available within walking distance.
It is rainy a lot of the time, but the sun has been out a great deal recently.
One of my favorites bars is Oliver's Twist. They have delicious cocktails and truffle popcorn that is to die for.
The area where I live mostly has small shops and stores with a few medical offices, which doesn't offer the greatest selection of places to work.
There are several wonderful bars & restaurants in my neighborhood that are welcoming and offer delicious food & beverages. There are a lot of mom-and-pop shops, which is one of the things that I love most about where I live.
We are very close to parks so most activities are convenient. The parks rarely have trash and its very well kept. Pollution is an issue in our Puget Sound.
My neighborhood is in the safe zone of Aurora. There is constant police presence and crime is generally low. There isnt much concern as a result.
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Response times are great for emergency services but the public transportation needs alot of improvement. Chronic overcrowding and late or missing buses hamper travel.
Seattle is a tech area. Amazon for instance is based here. Tech offers are growing but otherwise its stagnant.
This area is more family oriented and considering its by several schools it doesn't tread farther than most. There are bars, but they aren't inviting and food locations are catered to crowds than individuals. Fast food ethnic restaurants are decent, better than major chains.