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What I like about Petworth is that everything is near. Schools are nearby, grocery and retail stores are also at walking distance, and public transportations are in every corner. What I would like to see changed however is the un-affordability of my neighborhood. As a result of gentrification, house prices have increased and D.C. leaving many long term residents to move outside of D.C. In light of D.C.'s gentrification, it has brought an increase of wealth in D.C.'s economy which has led to the creation of new local businesses. Overall Petworth is a very good neighborhood to live in.
Nice bars, close to shopping, close to metro. Just outside the bubble of SUPER high rents that you get even one metro stop closer to downtown DC.
Petworth has an exciting array of bars of restaurants and is very eccentric. Just be careful about what street you turn down.
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Metro options are convenient. You can catch several buses, the 70, 62/63, 64. There are a lot of restaurants opening up. you can get downtown quickly and easily, even if driving. Has a nice neighborhood feel.
I've been living in the Petworth area with my family for six years. The schools are pretty decent in this area, and the traveling times vary based on traffic conditions. I love the variety of eateries my part of town boasts. You can have almost any type of cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
I think it can be a little better
My review is that it one of best environment I have ever lived at.
The crime rate in my community has went down a lot
I just wish there were more African Americans living around my block.
I grew up here and the environment is just amazing. It's safe and one is exposed to many different cultures due to the fact that it's the nation's capital.
there's been some robberies but nothing too serious like homocide or murder
The jobs are decent. The only thing is that they're hard to apply for, for no reason. Even the simple jobs around here are a little difficult to get.