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People tend to live here for long periods of time
Crime seems to be getting worse even though police are visable
Friendly people, beautiful homes, riverview park, easy commute
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Big old 100 year old houses. Fantastic Park. New Soccer field. New restaurant. It is great place to raise a family.
Observatory Hill is a great neighborhood with great neighbors. We have new restaurants going in and a new turf soccer field. And Riverview Park is a great amenity. There are bike lanes being built into the neighborhood, too. It is also convenient to downtown and the North Shore, so you can decide to go to a ball game and be there in 10 minutes. The architecture is wonderful with many homes built around 1900.
Really love the large homes and historic architecture. Riverview Park is nearby and offers mountain biking, a working Observatory, new soccer field, and free movies and concerts on summer weekends. We will soon have new restaurant and coffee shop and have great bakery (Schorr's).

The neighbors are great and the neighborhood is very diverse in terms of people and income / occupations.

And we are very convenient to pro sports, live theater, live music venues near downtown (3 miles south) and to regional shopping areas 3 miles north. New bike lanes that are planned for next couple of years will make it even easier to bike commute and do recreation riding.
Winters are very bad because they don't clear the roads enough.
I don't think that their is much for a tourist to do here but there are people that home here.
It's hard for teens to get jobs that aren't in the food industry.
There seems to never be any police around. I feel safe in my neighborhood though.
All the stores are starting to be chain stores. I think that we need more unique stores.
There are many things changing but one thing that needs to be improved is the quality of the neighborhood schools. Perry is a horrible school.
The bus quality is really great. The bus comes frequently and on time.
The fast food restaurants are terrible. They have bad services and the food is most likely always cold so I avoid going to them.
There are many locations where outdoors activities can be done because there is such great quality of land.
Some houses are very nice but some people don't maintain them very well.
People living within my neighborhood seem happy. There doesn't seem to be any conflict between different types of people.
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There aren't many activities in the area. More opportunities should be made that interest more people.