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Perris is a city with low diversity and no entertainment. Schools do not receive much money and it's very boring here.
I have lived in Perris all of my life. Perris is a great place to start and raise a family. The city has revamped its style taking out the old and bring in the new.
Regarding crime since moving in there has been crime arounds us and we have to be carefull with leaving thing in our own back yard or else they will be taken. They have stolen my car and also gas from our cars have been taken. They have made a hole in the gas tank from our truck and taken the gas. All these crimes have been reported to our local police deparment. My concern is that it might get worse with time which is very sad.
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My experience living in this city is ok. Since moving to the city we have experience different things good and bad. The bad is that they stoled my car which was my transportation to school, so know me and my partner share car due to we are not able to afford another car. I am not working at the time for the reason that i am full time in school and then i take care of my daughter after she gets of school. Also the city need to improve the look of the city. The city needs to get cleaned up paint buildings that look dirty or just old. Also homeless people should be relocated to a housing. Comparing this city to other cities that i have lived it is the worsed. The only thing that i like is where i live is a neighborhood that is ok regardless that it was here that they stoled my car. Also the prices of the houses are great comparing to Los Angeles. I would choose to live here again if i was able to do it all over. it gave me the opportunity to stop working and start going to school again. I just think this area needs updated.
An overall experience of this area would have to be bad. I personally do not like living here. The section of San Bernardino that I live in is nice compared to the rest of San Bernardino however I still do not like it. The atmosphere is dangerous, bad influencing, and just very ugly. For example, if you go out late at night and happen to pass through a main street called Baseline you will see prostitutes or sometimes may hear gun shots. If I had the choice I would not live here again. I would rank San Bernardino a 5 just simple because it is not the worst place on Earth but not the best place either. I see this area as being the same in the future just simply because of the people that live around here, not wanting to make their community a better place.