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Living in North St. Louis has been a bad experience for me and my siblings. The crime rate has risen, the streets and buildings are not maintained well. The atmosphere isn't that well. It's a lot of drug related issues in the area.
There are some indoor/outdoor workout facilities but not many use them.
A lot of which are maintained but outdated because out budget issues.
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It's not the safest place to be. Trouble isn't hard to find but usually only comes to those who are either looking for it or doing something their not supposed to. The community typically stays to themselves and out of the way but will report any real signs of trouble if they see it. Police circulate to make sure everything's at peace.
It is what you make of it. There's basic jobs for people who just trying to get by. Then there are also jobs with great potential but only for those willing to put forth the effort and strive for it.
A lot of local business are family owned so their budget is pretty tight but they manage. The customer service is good because their typically friendly people.