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There is a very good array of diverse and cultural restaurants in the area, especially Halal.
There's not much opportunity here for the people who live here. There's way too much violence and poor schooling.
We live in a city. There isn't much nature, but the parks are beautiful as well as the woodlands.
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It is not a safe neighborhood at all, and the police take hours to arrive when called.
There are plenty of local businesses in the neighborhood and they all provide quality service.
Gyms and hospitals are readily available, but drug use is common in the neighborhood.
There are not many jobs coming in. It would be best to work in Center City.
It's not a tourist area. Tourists usually never come around to this part of the city.
People are not at all involved in the community. People mostly stay to themselves. Most of the neighbors have dogs or cats and chilldren.
The people here are friendly to those who live there.