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If I could do it, I would chose to live in Philadelphia again. However, not the area I currently live in.
I feel very safe in this area. I constantly see cops around which make me feel very safe. As for the crime, as far as I know there is none around here.
The area is great! There are great restaurants and places of entertainment like the mall or movie theater. The schools close by are amazing and top of the line.
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Overall job oportunities are available at many businesses. Many people are employed by retail companies.
There are many poplular stores, mom-and-pop shops and big companies. You can get everything you need in our area.
At times jobs are easy to come by but other times people struggle to even find a job that pay the base wage
The Rite Aid on Welsh Road is amazing the workers are always friendly and helpful. They are 24/7 and have pretty much everything and anything you could need. And they are also so clean.
plenty of shops at the plaza near here, not the best shops or my favorite but they do great for killing time when i have it and still does a good job of having whatever things i need to buy usually
this place is pretty calm and peaceful so its a nice place to live for someone like me who enjoys some alone time. But it can get kinda boring by being too peaceful. I dont think this place will change all that much at all, maybe a few new places here and there but nothing big
I have seen police cars around from time to time but not very often. I'm not very aware of what crimes go on around here, im never concerned. I feel very safe around here, but then again I feel safe no matter what neighborhood im in usually. I dont really have any concerns
there are a few fast food places around like burger king and wayback burger. there are applebees, red lobster, and a few other nice restaurants. I never order salad anywhere except applebees, and I always love getting it, I never get tired of it. Hooters seems like a good nightlife option
The people here are friendly enough. I have not taken part in any community events and do not know if there were any.
Philly is a great place for food, I think. places to go when you visit here are probably places like city hall or something
there are plenty of sidewalks to walk on unless you walk by pennypack park on certain parts. most houses have driveways so parking isnt a problem. walking around is pretty convenient way of transportation here. plenty of bus go around here often enough so thats good. traffic is never really bad around here