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The development has begun with the Blatstein projects and other projects. This neighborhood will be much different in the coming years.
The neighborhood is great, neighbors are friendly good food locally, good bars locally. Good dog town. Only down side is that I wish the 57 ran more frequently.
This neighborhood is changing. When I first moved here, it was relatively inexpensive. Now, that development has begun, its getting very pricey to live here and longtime residents are moving out
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We never worry about crime there is always something going on or someone watching
This is a very good community everyone comes together and its all about our community
A few vehicle break-ins if you park near or under the bridge but in the residential areas there is little to no crime.
South Philadelphia (Pennsport) has a great atmosphere, and great sense of community, and one of the safer areas of Philadelphia!
The neighborhood is made up of mostly row homes, some sections are really big houses
People tend olive here for years and never really have any complaints.
The crime has been picking up a little bit in the area. Luckily, the police have been responding quickly to this action when called, so i feel a little bit safer in my area.
The people are very nice to be around, most of all they are very friendly and everyone pretty much gets along
There are a lot of gyms in the area and i see a lot of runners and people shopping for more organic food.
Its the city so everything is on top of each other and its great if you enjoy urban life.
Its Philly and if you're not smart, you are a target. Bad stuff happens everywhere.
When its hot it can get really hot, when its cold it can get really cold. When it snows, its gross and somewhat dangerous.
There are a variety of cool places for students to hang out
Its hard to find work as an art student
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Local businesses are always friendly and accommodating