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The crime rate in Trenton only gets worse. Everyday you hear an ambulance and see flashing blue and red lights, it's become quite sickening.
There is currently no value of life and even all my life I've known this. Losing close friends to violence and lack of police work, the houses are terrible and look abandoned. Even the ones that people live in.
I feel like the housing in Trenton doesn't take into account people with larger families.
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I was fortunate enough to live in a community where people were very supportive of one another.
I see a lot more police involvement these days when it comes to crime issues in Trenton, but I don't think it's helped all too much. There are still incidents that occur.
Honestly, growing up in Trenton I was always very aware of what the real world can be like. I've encountered many different types of personalities, found people with incredible gifts, and been forced to realize the dangers of what society can have. I think living in Trenton I understood a lot more about life early on, as opposed to people who lived in more sheltered environments. And I'm appreciative for that.
We don't really go through natural disasters like that unless there is a very bad storm coming our way.
I don't really go out, so i don't know much about night life. But, there is not a lot of places to choose from because of the environment we are placed in. There are great food places near and a lot to choose from . To me it is the best.
Most of the jobs around don't give people a fair shot. I feel as if you put as much time and effort as someone else then you should be able to obtain a job as easy as another person could. There are many places to work but most people don't have fair shots to be employed because there over looked.
I wish that we could have more variety within our community. More place for people to feel comfortable than feel left out. Businesses are good for the most part, but i think more business should focus more on the people.