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They are working on response times
There is crime everywhere. I can say it does occure however is rare in our area
Mainly residential. rated what is present
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In my neighborhood, there are many great houses here. There are not vacant abandoned houses.
There is hardly something going on in this area. There are not new businesses and events that take place around here.
In my time living here, there is never tourism or high visitation in this area. My neighbor hood is unknown for the most part and gets cars coming through to escape the Pennsylvania Ave traffic.
In my specific community there is a great deal of public service. Many things that are asked for are enforced and made happen. A well as making the area look better overall is happening.
There are two extremes to safety around this area. On side and community you hardly hear a thing and it is very safe. Five minutes from this very place, it is not the same or as safe.
You can find what you need in this area there is a store five minutes away in every direction that can cater to many needs. The quality and appearance of these businesses are not so good.
There are many great restaurants around. Any person can come around and find at least one food place they like.